It's Nice to Meet You

Hello, I'm Emma.

I'm the lady behind the Elderberry bottle. I'm a wife and mom of two and live in a rural community in West-Central Illinois. When I'm not in the kitchen making elderberry products, I enjoy making wine and taking walks with my family.

Redhead's Elderberry started back in 2019. I felt like I could do more. Give more. My mission was to empower families in becoming the healthiest they can be with alternatives from traditional medicine. At Redhead's Elderberry, I use the cleanest and most whole products. Every product you buy from Redhead's supports local farmers within 40 miles of Macomb, IL.

My membership with the Elderberry Trade Association allows me to stay current with the latest product research, network with other affiliates and continue educating myself so I can always bring the best to your family.

Thank you for your business and support.