Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the shelf life on my Elderberry Syrup?

When our elderberry syrup is properly stored, it will last in the fridge unopened 6-12
Months. Once opened use within 3-6 Months.

Which syrup bottle should I buy?

Are you new to elderberry syrup? I recommend the 8oz for new users and the 16oz or 32oz for families.

Can you explain the serving sizes on your syrups?

Servings Per Container
Approximately 16 Tbl/48 tsp per 8 oz bottle
Approximately 32 Tbl/96 tsp per 16 oz bottle
Product includes honey and should not be given to children under 1 years old.

What are my shipping options?

We can ship straight to your door step or you can grab it off ours with a local pickup.

When you order and pay online, we will ship your product out the next available date. We ship Mon-Wed so your product temperature holds steady and avoids post office delays through the weekend.
Your bottle may arrive at room temperature, and this is OK. Redhead’s Syrup has been
successfully tested for safety in this range. Simply get your product in the fridge as soon as it arrives.

You may also order and pay online. Please select 'Local Pickup' in the shipment information. We will set your product out next day during these days of operation Mon-Thurs between 8-5 pm.

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